Mikrotiterplatten-Lesegerät Dynex Technologies OPSYS MR ELISA

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Photometer für Mikrotiterplatten (Dynex Opsys MR Microplate Reader)

  • Hersteller: Dynex-Technologies
  • Typ: OPSYS MR
  • Weiteres:
    • für Forschung und klinische Laboratorien
    • Optic Range:   0 to 3.500 O.D. 
    • Dynamic Range:   3.000 O.D. 
    • Spectral Range:   405 to 690 nm 
    • Read Time, Single Wavelength:   <10 seconds 
    • Read Time, Dual Wavelength:   <20 seconds 
    • Electrical:   110–120/220–240V, 50/60 Hz 
    • Dimensions:   13H x 36D x 33W cm (5.1 x 143/16 x 13") 
    • Weight:   7.3 kg (16 lbs.)
    • The Opsys MR™ 96-well microplate reader provides flexible assay design and extensive data reduction for most colorimetric applications. The first modular microplate reader with unique engineering for plug-and-play replacement of optic components, the Opsys MR is easy to use and maintain. Available as a stand-alone unit or externally controlled by a PC and Windows Revelation QuickLink software, the Opsys MR has features more-commonly found on high-end instruments, including user-defined templates, one-touch access for most commonly used assay programs, and single, dual, or multiple wavelength reading. GLP compliant with on-board optics and electronics self-diagnostic tests, the Opsys MR saves 100 assays and 20 data files and allows multiple assays per plate.
  • Zustand: technisch tiptop, optisch sehr gut
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